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      Contact us at    stevensa@litzlerfoudy.com

      About Us

      Litzler-Foudy Machinery & Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is consisted of a team whose senior professional engineers and technicians can design both computer hardware or software and automatic production line. We are especially good at designing, developing and producing the dipping equipment of fabric, canvas and so on, which is the frame of tire. Over the years, Litzler-Foudy has been trying our best to develop the newest technology, to provide customers with quality equipment and service since the company was established.
      Litzler-Foudy designed products include: Dipping Machine, Rewinder Machine, Dipping Machine for Cord Yarn, Lab Dipping Machine for Cord Yarn, Sewing Machine. 
      Litzler-Foudy is not only in charge of the designing and producing, but also civil engineering, processing and supporting the one-stop service, Meaning cooperation on a "turn-key" basis.
      We also offer excellent service for you: when we receive the malfunction call, we will arrive at the scene in 24 hours if the direction is within 300km, or we will have been on the way to scene. In addition, we also regularly carry on training for the user factory's technical personnel

      Company Culture
        Company objective: Humanist, Customer first
       Company philosophy: Professional from innovation
       Company target: Leader in the field of coating equipment

      Customer Groups