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      Products > Cord dipping machine

      Cord dipping machine

      Dipping machine for cord yarn in our company features with reasonable design, advanced control, convenient operation. Based on customer’s craftwork requirements, we have designed and produced many kinds of machine.

      Range of speed: 30—120m/min
      Ends : 30—150 ends
      The layer number of oven: 1-5 layers
      Dipping form: single bath, double bath, three baths, four baths
      Application: hose yarn, tire cord, soft cord, stiff cord
      Glue solution form: water aqua, solvent type (equipment explosion-proof treatment)
      Equipment formation: horizontal type
      Factory: standard plant
      Roll change: manual change, automatic change
      Heating form: heat-conducting oil boiler, electrical heating, natural gas heating
      Control mode: tension control, stretch control